In the company of other authors

Me and the Book Divas!
Me and the Book Divas!

Today I had my first book event with the Book Divas on Tour ( at the Barber Lounge ( in Waldorf, Maryland. The first thing that comes to mind is wow. What a wonderful whirlwind of an evening at a great event’s venue. For an hour or so, the four of us read pieces from our books and told our stories about how we became writers. Since I stayed in town for the event tonight, I will have to wake up at 4am tomorrow to fly to Cincinnati, but this experience was completely worth it.

Since this was my first book event, I didn’t really know how it would feel – being up in front of a room of people talking about myself and my book. Part of me was nervous, the other part was excited. Doing a book event gave me the opportunity to really “come out” as an author in front of an audience that I had never met before, with the exception of my always supportive husband. I am so grateful to the Book Divas for bringing me to one of their events. I had an absolute blast and cannot wait to do this again. While I enjoyed talking about myself and my book, being in the company of other authors adds so much to the experience. We can feed off of each other’s energy and engage with ourselves and the audience in a way that would not be possible if we were up there by ourselves.

B Swangin Webster put it best when she said earlier tonight that as authors, we need to be around other authors. For most people, it isn’t normal to be able to think, feel like, and for moments, to really be characters in each of my stories. Since I started writing a couple of years ago, I haven’t met that many other writers until recently when I became more involved with the Maryland Writers Association. Now after being around that atmosphere, I realized something that I have really been missing. That isn’t to say that my non-author friends and family haven’t been incredibly supportive of my writing. They have and I continue to rely on them every day. But being around people who know in depth about all of the angst and exhilaration that goes along with writing and then publishing a book has a special place in my life now. Meeting the Book Divas was like finding three kindred spirits all in one. I look forward to many more wonderful events with them and all of the other authors that I will most certainly meet going forward. We have so much to share and learn from each other as our lifelong journey starts and continues.


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2 thoughts on “In the company of other authors”

  1. It was such a wonderful night and yes, hanging with others that think like you is always the bonus. You are a natural and I am so glad that you were our guest! We can’t wait to have you again. You fit in very nicely….who knows, it might need to be four divas on tour next year…gasp! I think I just came up with the title of the tour next year Four Divas On Tour. We hope you sign up for the conference so you can share your experiences with others and yes, we are going to be calling upon you again! Guaranteed and many thanks for your husband for sitting through all of the selfies, usies and book sales until late last night. The struggle was real this morning to rise for the ‘day job’ but it was so worth it.


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