Honor the muse

Yesterday I watched the movie Chef. The basic premise is the journey of a character – a formerly inspired chef, who becomes complacent and, as a result, unhappy. He eventually finds his way back to inspiration by launching a food truck business where he is able to let his inventive juices run free and clear.

Watching that movie reminded me of how important it is that we stay true to our muse. I don’t know where the muse comes from – whether she is a product of faith or talent or some combination of the two. Whatever the answer to that is, the muse provides us inspiration for whatever our calling is, so long as we must stay true to it. That means two things. We must pursue it. If it drives us to paint, then we must, if it drives us to write then we must write. We also are bound to honor it. When inspiration strikes an author to write a love story, or a spy story, or a family drama, they do not respond by writing a fantasy novel. This is something that I try to remember when well-meaning friends or family urge me to write something that falls outside of anything that comes from inspiration. “Romance novels sell really well, why not write one of those?” “Or what about a young adult science fiction story like Divergent?”  Perhaps someday if either of those are what I am inspired to write. So far, I haven’t felt that urge.

I don’t believe there is a way to game the system. I will write the stories that the muse inspires me to write. If I did anything else in the hopes of achieving higher sales number or better publicity, I would not be respecting her gift. Besides, it isn’t that easy to write something in a different genre. Success stories always make it seem like a walk in the park, but I know that it’s a far cry from that. And if we hope to keep receiving gifts from the muse, as I certainly do, we must honor the ideas that she gives us.

For me this means working on The Ahriman Legacy, a series of spy thrillers. My second book is in progress and I expect to have the first draft completed this week. I’ve also written another novel, a family drama that is currently being edited. I have some other ideas for future work but I will pick those up when these two projects are further along.  Each day, I intend to honor the muse that has given me this inspiration as a gift.


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