The answer is the peer group

I spent the weekend at a reunion of the M&T program
( for its 35th anniversary. It was a weekend filled with inspiring and interesting speeches and opportunities to catch up with old friends and a diverse group of fellow alums.

One of the first speeches at the event stressed the importance of the peer group as a spur toward success. I’ve witnessed the importance of this in a number of different settings, not the least of which is just hanging out in a group of friends, but this weekend was a special reminder.

I got to hear some amazing stories. Garrett Reisman, an alum of the program, became an astronaut after many people told him that it would never happen. Dr. Hamilton envisioned the program and put it together piece by piece in the 1970s. Kunal Bahl built Snapdeal and landed on the Top 40 under 40 list.

The inspirational stories that I heard left me with an even larger commitment to writing as my passion and calling. I’m so excited that I have access to such a great support network. The M&T program will continue to be a network that is inspires me and I’m lucky to be a part of it and the many other groups of friends and family who’ve supported me over the years.


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