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Back to blogging

After a couple weeks off while I was traveling in Kuwait, I’m back home for the holiday season and settling back into my blogging schedule. It’s been a tough transition back from vacation to work, especially given that it’s the start of the holiday season. In a way this is a huge luxury. With the reduced pressure of deadlines, I can relax for a few days before returning to work and writing.

The extra time around the holiday season gives me time to reflect and get my “house” in order. Today I spent a couple of hours going through clothes in my wardrobe and discarding a number that I haven’t worn in ages. My kitchen has never been cleaner – at least not on a regular basis, especially when I’ve been cooking regularly. My husband and I have tackled a couple of home projects and there are a couple more in the works that we hope to have done by the end of the holiday season.  I only hope we can get everything done. I would love to have those things out of the way so that all I have to focus on in January is my writing and other deadlines.

Regardless, the holiday season is a wonderful time to appreciate what’s most important. Time with family and friends, time for relaxation and a bit of indulgence, and time to catch up on sleep and recuperate for the New Year. I’m excited about what it will bring and my upcoming projects.


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