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The importance of vacation and rest

For the last few months, I’ve been hankering for a vacation. Not the kind with a lot of activity where you have enriching cultural experiences. Not the kind where you see lots of great people but have to be completely “on” to interact with them. What I’ve been dreaming of is a vacation where all I do is sit around, read, watch some movies, and spend time with my husband.

That isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy or seek out the other two types of vacations. I had a wonderful trip in Europe which fell into both of those categories. I traipsed from Paris to London to Hamburg to East Germany and had an amazing time. I just didn’t come back from the trip feeling rested. When I first got back, that didn’t matter much, but now, a few months later, I feel as if I’m hitting the wall. There’s only so many more days that I can push through and even small setbacks have been hitting me as if they were major ones. After one such occurrence on Friday, I sat back and analyzed the situation once I’d calmed down. Why was such a small thing bothering me so much? The answer is simple. I need a break. One where I can completely switch off. Without that, I’m going to hit the wall again and again.

I’ve known this for a while, but my plan was to keep up the momentum until Christmas when I would take my break. That isn’t that far away so I didn’t expect it to be an issue. This weekend I discovered that I could push no further. So I gave in and took a day off. I slept in today and relaxed. I did a few errands but nothing major. Now that the day is almost over, I can already feel my mental juices starting to recover. Unfortunately I can’t afford to take a whole week off at the moment, but just the one day has left me feeling more refreshed and much more likely to be able to push through to Christmas. I’m going to need that energy!

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